19 December 2010

2017 Work Bio

PLEASE NOTE -- 2015 was the beginning of semi-retirement mode + I'm taking my time to update my bio!

Career & Skills Summary:
  • Extensive knowledge of natural and organic industries from food to dry goods, fashion, and personal care products.
  • Writing, editing, researching, social media, marketing, public relations, property management, special event directing, personal assistance, and gardening skills.
  • Seasoned business manager with a positive attitude and socially amicable.
  • Keen organization for streamlined management; personally and professionally.
  • Willing traveler, free of dependents, pets or baggage overload.

Seize work opportunities that reinforce my environmentally focused ethical values and professional skills.

More than 30 years sales, purchasing, merchandising, marketing, product development and administrative, personal assistant work.

  • Concierge, reservation and marketing plan creation for Honalo, Hawaii retreat development.
  • PA freelancer for environmentally-conscious executives.
  • Established Maui and Big Island resources for local-organic foods and earth-friendly crafts to serve as a health-food chef and appease vacationers with Hawaii-made products.
  • Helped create sustainable yurt makers alliance after 1.5 years of blog writing and sales representation from model home.
  • Freelanced environmental fashion and design blog writing for numerous social media sites, USA and UK.
  • Administered extensive concierge from chefs to private jets for a dot com Hawaiian luxury vacation home rental business.
  • Automation/web with tracking setup for an equine retail store offering custom tailoring for riding habits and fine apparel.
  • Annual self-published Chic Eco Directory was sold to hundreds of buyers for five years, 2000 through 2004, from website and numerous on-line bookstores.
  • Founder of Chic Eco, global environmental fashion consultation services for wholesalers, retailers and individuals.
  • Served as assistant gubernatorial campaign manager with an environmental platform that changed local and national political focuses.
  • Created independent career as a contract/temp mobile secretary and PA for CEOs, attorneys, architects, engineers, horsemen, judges and politicians.
  • As assistant Banquet Chef at Hyatt Regency Lexington, learned to prepare meals for up to 1,500 people.
  • Created a shareholding catering business, Cruisin' Cuisine, with the first Kentucky daily gourmet meal delivery service.
  • Managed profitable fund-raising special events 10 years plus for Kentucky Educational Television.
  • 4-year owner of a unique and better-priced ladies boutique.
  • Student of fashion merchandising and retail management in metro Boston.
I dream that major shifts take place in the near future that reverses powers from the military, industrial revolution and unethical corporations to humanity and our planet. As Julia Butterfly Hill once said, "it's them (unethical corporations) that are alternative, not nature." In fact, it is the farmers, the stewards of our land from which products are made, that should be trusted as safe and good; ― not the other way around.

Favorite Quote:
The standard of success in life is not the money or the stuff ― the standard of success IS absolutely the amount of joy you feel!